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About Us

Acurea have been established in the UK for over 7 years now and our customer base is growing steadily. Selling only one brand of acupuncture needle, the Han Sol brand made in South Korea has allowed us to work very closely with the manufacturer to develop the highest quality needles that suit not only your practice but also your pocket.

All of our needles are sterilised using gamma ray technology. This is the most modern and hi tech form of sterilisation and is also the cleanest and most environmentally friendly (your instant freeze dried noodles are sterilised this way). Gamma ray sterilisation also offers a very long shelf life of needles of upto 5 years. Han Sol are also the world leaders in vacuum cupping sets and again we only sell this brand so that we can deliver the type of products that our customers want. 95% of our product range is made in South Korea including most of our moxa products. South Korea is a world leader in high tech manufacturing with highly trained technicians manufacturing acupuncture and moxa products. 

Acurea Acupuncture Supplies

We've tried to help you understand how to use some of our products with the help of files you can download. Some even have video attached! We hope you find it all useful and if you have any comments about our products or site, then we would love to hear from you.

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