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Why we prefer Gamma Ray over Ethylene oxide (EO).

Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene oxide (EO) gas is commonly used to sterilize objects sensitive to temperatures greater than 60 °C and / or radiation such as plastics, optics, electrics and medical items such as acupuncture needles. Ethylene oxide treatment is generally carried out between 30 °C and 60 °C with relative humidity above 30% and a gas concentration between 200 and 800 mg/l, and typically lasts for at least three hours. Ethylene oxide penetrates well, moving through paper, cloth, and some plastic films and is highly effective. EO can kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi, including bacterial spores and is compatible with most materials (e.g. of medical devices), even when repeatedly applied. However, it is highly flammable, toxic and carcinogenic. Read more...

Effects on Humans and Animals

Ethylene oxide is an alkylating agent; it has irritating, sensitizing and narcotic effects. Chronic exposure to ethylene oxide is also mutagenic. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies ethylene oxide into group 1, meaning it is a proven carcinogen. A 2003 study of 7,576 women exposed while at work in commercial sterilization facilities in the U.S. suggests ethylene oxide is associated with breast cancer incidence. A 2004 follow up study analyzing 18,235 men and women workers exposed to ethylene oxide from 1987 to 1998 concluded "There was little evidence of any excess cancer mortality for the cohort as a whole, with the exception of bone cancer based on small numbers. Positive exposure-response trends for lymphoid tumors were found for males only. Reasons for the sex specificity of this effect are not known. There was also some evidence of a positive exposure-response for breast cancer mortality." Read more...

Environment Concerns

It is also believed that in some manufacturing plants in China, companies after carrying out the sterilization process using Ethylene oxide gas will release the gas through vents straight into the atmosphere. This cannot be good for the local population or the greater good of our planet. Read more...

Our Carbon Offset Policy

Acurea makes a financial contribution from its sales to Carbon Fund a global organisation supporting three major carbon offset projects, each project playing an important role in the fight against climate change. The projects are “Renewable energy”, “Energy Efficiency & Carbon Credits” and “Reforestation & Avoidable Deforestation”. We know that some people prefer renewable energy, while others prefer trees and efficiency, so we are thinking “it’s your carbon, so why not your choice”. With that in mind we hope in the near future when you make your purchase, you will be able to decide which your preferred carbon offset choice is, and we will make the necessary contribution to that project via our partnership programmes.

Our Packaging Policy

Wherever possible we use biodegradable packaging for all our shipments. This includes all-paper protective bags, paper-based sealing tape, cornstarch or paper fillers and recycled content card boxes.

Our Renewable Energy Policy

Here at our office and warehouse site we have solar panels over the south facing roof which not only generates 100% of our power needs, the panels also make a positive contribution in excess of our needs so the excess power is fed back to the national grid for use by the country.

When nature thrives, we all do.

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